City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Building and Structures)

Who is the level 2 electrical qualification for?

The Level 2 Electrical Installations diploma (2365) is for anyone who would like to become a qualified Electrician in the Domestic, Commercial or Industrial sector and does not already have an Electrical Apprenticeship or even a job working in the Electrical Industry. So basically if you are looking to become a qualified Electrician, but cannot afford to spend four years as an Apprentice, then this Electrical installations course is the starting qualification you should choose.

What does the Level 2 Electrical Installations qualification cover ?

It allows candidates to learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the Electrical industry. The qualification will cover all the underpinning and practical knowledge needed to progress onto the Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations.

What does the Level 2 Electrical Installations course consist of ?

The course will last for 8 weeks on a fulltime basis off basis (5 days a week) at our Cardiff based Electrical training centre.Learning will take place in our workshop with all of the up to date tools, equipment and testers and also in our spacious classroom environment.


There are 5 subject units to study, which are;

Health and safety
Principles of Electrical science
Electrical Installations technology
Installation of wiring systems and enclosures
Understand how to communicate with others within building services engineering.

Why do you need the Level 2 Electrical Installations qualification ?

It allows candidates to progress into employment, as an Electrical Improver and onto the following City & Guilds qualifications:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installation (Buildings and Structures) 2365
  • Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Electrotechnology 5357-93
  • Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations 2391-50
  • Level 3 Award in the Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations.

Who are 2365 Courses for ?


The City & Guilds 2365 is for anyone aged 16 (adults) and above regardless of previous experience or knowledge, who wishes to become an electrician and work in the commercial sectors listed below. Ideally you will have maths and english to a basic GCSE standards, however if you do not we can still assess you using the functional skills tests to find out if you are at the right level. It is the most comprehensive electrician course available on the market and will train you from the ground up even if you have no electrical experience. You will be then be able to progress and complete the NVQ and AM2 at a later stage once you have found employment.

Why take the 2365 Course?

Put simply, to get a job with a contractor as a rookie electrician. It differentiates from the apprenticeship qualification 2357 in that to be an apprentice you need a job first, difficult if you don’t have any skills or quals.

An apprenticeship course 2357 is typically made up of skills and knowledge learning/training and then  NVQ units otherwise known as ‘on site’ training, whereby you have to have a job and your employer trains you on the job for a couple of years.

Problem is with that is that you need a job to take an apprenticeship, and electrical employers don’t like taking on people who have had no training and therefore have no useful skills. This 2365 course gives you knowledge and skills and the quals units just the same as the 2357 except for this 2365 you don’t need to have a job before you start.


The good news is that when you've completed the 2365, you are now employable because you have skills and the qualifications, so you are useful and the employer can take you on to complete the additional ‘On site’ units and complete your NVQ.

We believe it's the more common sense route to become a fully qualified electrician, especially if you're an adult. In fact many students will find work before they have even completed the course.

These courses will allow you to work in the industry and continue to further qualifications in the future.

By way of example, it will enable you to work in the following sectors:


  • Commercial - such as Supermarkets, Offices, Warehouses, Schools, Shops, Restaurants, Hospitals.
  • Industrial – such as research/development parks heavy manufacturing buildings, factories.
  • Domestic –such as Houses, Flats, Bungalows, renewable, Solar PV
  • Agricultural – Farms
  • Maintenance services, local authorities
  • Media – Electricians required for the day to day running operations in television, radio.
  • Sporting Venues – Theatres, concert halls, stadium Events.

The list is actually endless which makes an electrical career a very good choice in terms of variety, monetary reward and opportunity. This course covers a wide range of training methods; you will learn invaluable hands on installation skills in our purpose built workshops as well as the theory and science behind electrics in our air conditioned classrooms.

The C&G 2365 is the very latest (and therefore the most up to date qualification available) to become a commercial electrician.

Duration & Cost

Duration    8 Weeks


Call for details


The 2365 Course consists of 8 weeks of theory and practical training. Practical Assessments and Online multiple choice exams are also completed during this time. The course is normally delivered in 2 weekly blocks each month, lasting approximately 16 weeks, or fulltime basis

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